Best Automatic Fish Feeder

Having fish as pets at home is a beautiful thing, and most people prefer them instead of dogs or cat. The main problem is, unlike dogs or cats that will growl at you when they are hungry fish will not, and you may quickly forget to feed them. For this reason, you need an automatic fish feeder to cater for your forgetfulness.

Best Automatic Fish Feeder for Indoor Aquariums

Are you looking for an Automatic Fish Feeder for your indoor aquarium? Then you are at the right place. All the dispensers discussed below are compatible with all indoor aquariums. Fish feed dispensers are more critical to those of us who like travelling or do not spend much time home.

Eheim Battery Automatic Operated Fish Feeder

Eheim is compatible with all the aquariums.

As an automatic device you don’t need to, be there, but it will serve, your purpose whether you are home or away.

With it, you have a guarantee that your fish will remain healthy.

Comfortable setting and usage and comes with a guide that explains these setting steps.

Excellent aeration system to ensure that fish feed remains dry.

If your life is so busy such that you even forget to feed your fish, then Eheim is the best option for you. You only need to set the desired amount of feed per feeding time, and the feeder will dispense that amount.

Eheim has a volume of 100ml. Depending on the number of fish, type of feed and the dispense amount, this can last for about 6 weeks.

The feeder has a transparent drum where the owner can see the remaining feed.

ADA Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium

Made of plastic materials that are black and yellow and uses battery type of 2*AAA.

The owner can set feeding time at once or twice a day.

Has a manual and auto time setting key to helping feed the fish automatically. Press the light auto button named 24h and the feeding with a start immediately and restart again after 24 hours. Otherwise, you can click the light labelled 12h and the feeding restart after 12hours.

The feeder can be used not only for fish but also for other pets that are fed using dried or small granular baits.

The number of pellets per release can be minimized to eight to mitigate the cost of fish feed.

Brand new batteries with a stay for about 6 months if they are well-used.

Sold together with a user manual to explain the setup process and usage process.

Automatic Fish Feeder, eBoTrade Aquarium Tank Auto Fish Food Timer Batteries Included

Use it with all fish feeds including flakes and its feeding timer can operate with one to four meals a day.

Easy to install and use with manual and auto 2*AAA battery. The feed lever is adjustable to control the amount of dispersed food.

Incorporated ventilation and fan system so that the food can remain dry.

The moisture-resistance hopper ensures that food remains fresh and can work with all kind of food type like crumbles, pellets or flakes, which are the most used fish feed.

During install, you can place the edge of the stent in the tank and then tighten the plastic screws, or you can separate the Velcro on the two sides. Attach the torn sticker on the back and locate the cover feeder.

Remember not to twist the feeding drum using your hands or recharge the battery.

The logo “Lo” that is displayed on the LCD indicates that the battery is low and need replacement.

MONOLED Auto Aquarium Food Dispenser Timer for Fish Tank

The attachment method uses either clips or Velcro fixers.

Has an easy and convenient setting procedure and its performance is par to the descriptions given in the user manual.

The battery comes when it is powered, and there are no worries when using the feeder. However, there is no flexibility in feeding frequencies.

If you are up to a two-three days’ vacation, then let this automatic feeder to take can of your fish while you will be away.

The feeding timer will disperse feed to your fish 1-4 meals a day according to your setting.

The two batteries will serve you for about one year in the normal working condition and you are given a warranty of two years.

The feeder accessories are easy to separate during cleaning and refilling.

Nothing unusual in it apart from getting your job well-done. Its performance corresponds its price.

AQQEF Automatic Fish Feeder

The feeding time setting is automatic with a maximum of 5-feedings daily and at the time that you feel is the best for your fish. Besides, the amount of food released per dispersal time can be adjusted.

The manual feeding mode operates per click meaning you have to be there to press the manual button whenever you need to feed your fish.

It is sold with a powered battery and has a digital LCD which are powered by 2*AAA batteries.

AQQEF Automatic Fish Feeder has a food outlet of 0.7* 0.55 inch that is adjustable, and it is fit for all types of fish food.

If you have pellets, flake or crumble then, this is the best automatic feeder for you.

The feeder is dustproof, and thus fish food will remain clean.

With the giant hopper with the dimension of 2.7*2.3*2.2, you don’t have to worry anymore about taking a vacation of some few days since it can carry up to 150ml of food.

Eheim 3581 Turtle Feeder

The designer of Eheim 3581 did it putting into considerations all the standards of the aquarium in mind to enhance its performance.

It is made of quality materials and is no threat to aquatic life so as not to interfere with the life of your fish.

This feeder is much attractive and has all the features of a fish feeder attached to it. The feeding program is electrically controlled, and it can perform even up to 4 feeding cycles a day. The program is compatible with flakes of either single or double size.

The LCD display is so easy to read, and the clock shows time for the next feeding program. The food level monitoring is easily performed by just cleaning the food container.

Almost zero maintenance because the ventilation system ensures there is no moisture inside and the food remains fresh, and the unit is also not clogged.

NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder with Integrated Fan and Ventilation System and ON/OFF Button

NICREW Auto Fish Feeder is an ideal device that can be used for either fresh or marine fish type, and it is easy to install and use.

The on/off button lets you pause and play the program whenever you want too.

The device is run by 2-AA batteries and has a changeable slider and alternative rotation times that allows the owner adjust the portion sizes.

The owner can set up to 5 daily feeding times with nit more than three rotations per feeding time.

You can comfortably leave your fish at home being fed by the NICREW Moisture-proof Automatic Fish Feeder while you go shopping.

Incorporated fan and ventilation system helps to keep the food dry all through, and it can accommodate most type of fish feeds including pellets, flakes, and crumbles.

The feed lever can be adjusted to single, double or thrice per feeding time.


What is an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Automatic Fish Feeder is an electric device that feeds the fish in an aquarium at regular intervals. The aquarist sets it in the aquarium where it releases food in quantities as per the settings.

What are the benefits of Automatic Fish Food Dispensers?

  • The device feeds fish for you while you are away or as you continue with your daily activities.
  • The prices are affordable and par with the performance and the size of the device.
  • The amount of feed dispensed is as per your settings meaning no over or underfeeding.
  • The owner has the freedom of work or to go for vacations without worries about who to do the fish feeding.
  • The hygiene of the fish feed is observed here as the feed is from a machine and not may be dirty hands of your kid or strangers.
  • Every fish must eat as one can set different dispenser intervals for different fish species.

What are the drawbacks of Automatic Fish Food Dispensers?

  • Sometimes they can stop working as scheduled and this might starve and kill your fish.
  • The ventilation and fan system might have a breakdown, letting moisture inside and thus clumping the food.
  • If you buy the large and heavy fish feeders, the beauty of your aquarium will be incognito.

Who Should Buy?

Among those who need automatic fish feeders are those that are very forgetful. If you must set phone reminder or alarm to remind you that you are supposed to feed your fish, then these fish feeders are here for you.

Again, if you work under very tight schedule the whole day and you feel that fish feeding activity takes a lot of your time and you feel like you better sell your aquarium or eliminate the fish, here comes your rescue then. With automatic feeder, you will never complain again about the much time you are wasting feeing the fish.

If you work for long hours in an office without coming home or you take long time vacations and you are wondering who will feed your fish while you are away, then this is your solution. The automatic feeder will feed the fish as you continue working in the office or taking sand bathing.

What to look for a best Automatic Fish Feeder?

I know by now you have made up your mind that you must go for that automatic fish feeder of your choice. Before you make the payment look where the following are for your cravings.


Placed on top of your aquarium, the feeder can easily crush it because of its excessive weight. Hence, choosing the correct feeder size according to the size of your aquarium is crucial. Nonetheless, make your selection with the sum of your fish in mind.

Ventilation System

Feeding your fish with wet food is very risky, and they can easily kill your fish. Ensure that the feeder that you buy has functional fan and ventilation system to secure your fish.

This aeration system ensures that the food does not rot and it is very critical always to check its ability to manage the moisture content before buying the device.

Quantity and Time Controller

Fish specialists advocates for feeding your fish will provide little food for many times rather than feeding them once with plenty food as this will interfere with their digestion system.

Therefore, you should buy a feeder that has a timer that is accurate and reliable.

The feeder should also be easy to clear with certain feeding program every time you want to do the feeding.

Battery Life and Indicator

Ensure that the life of your battery is long enough to minimize the chances of losing your fish of starving when the device stops from running.

Devices with battery life indicators like LCD display or LED lights are easy to read, predict and plan for a replacement.


Asking yourself which is the best automatic fish feeder, right? Just go for the Eheim. Its price is par with its quality. It has a large drum that can hold food enough to feed your fish for about six weeks giving you the freedom to take a vacation of a couple of days without worries of who will feed your fish.

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