How to choose the best floating aquarium plants for beginners?

best floating aquarium plants

Why should choose the floating plants

Attractive Look of the Aquarium

If you haven’t seen an aquarium with growing floating plants, then you might be surprised at what I’m saying.

Aquarium with growing floating plants looks very appealing to the owners’ and the visitors’ eyes.

Floating plants bring in a nature-like feeling and an attractive look at your tank.

The best plants for this purpose are those with hanging roots.


Floating aquatic plants are an excellent organic source of shade to your fish and other plants growing at the bottom of the tank.

Since the aquariums have bright lights during the day, this plants can provide enough shade to the fish against this light.

However, for the sake of the plants growing at the bottom, it is important to ensure that the floating plants remain at a certain size not to fully block light penetrating to the bottom of the tank.

Fish Protection

Fish are creatures that need safe place to play and hang out. Besides, when water is touched, they need a safe place to hide.

Despite the purpose that driven you to select the plant that you selected, you will notice that your fish will appreciate floating plants and will seek safety from time to time.

If you want plants to serve this purpose, then buy those with floating rot system.


If you have challenges with the filters of your tank, then floating plants can help you a great way. They have a chemical and biological filtration process that will keep your tank filtered.

Floating plants absorb the waste released by the fish and water detritus and use them to make bacteria that cleanses water.

However, remember that this is not enough and you need to use other filtration processes though it will assist a lot.


Even if not all, some of this plants are used as fish feed and other herbivorous inhabitants in the tank.

The need to conduct comprehensive research to determine which plant is compatible with the fish in the tank.

Remember that floating plants are not enough to feed to your fish and you need to supply them with extra food.

How to choose floating aquarium plants

Number of Fish in the Aquarium

The number of fish inside the aquarium is a significant factor to consider before purchasing the plant.

If you already have the right number of fish in your aquarium or you want to increase them, then go for floating plants that have floating roots as they will provide shelter to the fish.

Personal Preference

Perhaps you already have an idea floating plant that you are looking for as per your wants.

You, therefore, have to find that plant that correctly fits your environment.

However, I would advise that you look for a plant that will calmly settle at the top of the aquarium and attractive to your eyes. You need to have a soft feel in your tank.

Size and System of the Roots

Some species of the floating plants have roots that hang down while others will not. Some people will prefer the one with hanging roots and other, will not. So go for that that will serve your purpose.

The long hanging roots create a natural looking environment that resembles the real world.

There are also those without the hanging roots for people who don’t prefer the hanging ones.

Tank Size

The size of your tank will dedicate the right type of the plant to go for.

If your tank is smaller than 40 gallons, you will have to buy a bit more modest plant varieties.

In case you have aquariums that are bigger than 40 gallons, then buy the bigger and faster growing floating plants.

Top Best Floating Aquarium Plants

Water Lettuce

Water Lettuce floating place is a favorite and most preferred floating plants. Aquarists like this plant because of its unique qualities compared to other aquatic plants.

One feature that makes Lettuce very popular is its long roots that are very conspicuous.

The other feature is that it is a fast-growing plant and has huge rosettes that are enough to fill the surfaces of your pond within a very short duration. These floating rosettes form a lettuce like-firm on the surface of your tank.

Before you buy a floating plant, estimate the size of your pond and ensure that it is big enough because the plant’s rosettes are enormous to cover small pond within a blink of an eye.

Care is, therefore, necessary though it is easy as one only need to cut out the extra and the discoloring verdures regularly.

200 Live Duckweed Plants

200 Live Duckweed is an aquatic floating plant with high protein content.

The plant is a robust free floating, which can be found in all corners of the world.

Live Duckweed do well in areas with low-moderate lighting necessities.

The product is shipped overseas packaged in two sauce cups that are inside a plastic bag.

To ensure that the plants arrive alive, in excellent condition and still green in color, they are packed with little water.

After they arrive what you need to do is to supply them with some ammonia and other minerals like phosphorous.

They multiply very quickly so that even before you realize they have already filled the pond surface.

If you have some tilapias in your pond, I would recommend this floating plant to you as these creatures love it so much.

These 200 tiny floating plants will cover your pond within the first two weeks.

12 Amazon Frogbit

I would highly recommend Amazon Frogbit to those with tanks that have an Amazonian look.

The rosettes and the leaves of Amazon Frogbit are very vast.

The roots are so long, and after an absolute high, they branch, meaning that you must consider this fact before you put in your pond.

The high and the branching characteristic of the root makes it hard to maintain as they get stack inside the filters.

For easier maintenance and cleaning of your aquarium, tie the plant with a wire and keep it at a specific place.

The plant required a temperature of between 35-85 degree Celsius and therefore if the temperature of your place not in this range during the shipping day, shipment might be cancelled.

The plant is shipped a batch of 12 plants and 3 or more extra leaves.

It is very good at removing the unhealthy and unwanted inorganic nutrients.

6 Red Root Floater

One fantastic feature of this floating plant is that it is a freshwater floating and does not require any substrate.

Each order will have five red root floaters.

There should be about 5-10 leaves in every plant.

For the plant to do well, you need to have a special light for aquatic plants to develop water sprinkles indoor.

When making an order, make sure that the daytime temperature in the coming week is above 85 degrees Celsius.

Image result for 6 Red Root Floater

However, can postpone the shipping date if they realize that the temperature conditions in your area will not be favorable to the plant.

There is a guarantee on the safety of the plant during their arrival, and in case of any damage, the suppliers are willing to ship another batch.

The health of the plant doesn’t depend on string water current inside the aquarium.

12 Water Spangles (Salvinia Minima)

Water Spangles are small floating plants that grow in bunches.

Salvinia Minima is a fast-growing plant and can fulfil your purpose within no time.

Strong water currents are likely to tamper with their health, and therefore it is good to keep water in your tank calm.

Before you order this plant or add them in your tank, make sure that you do not have a fall on the back power filter the plant can quickly cover the top of the tank within a short time.

Image result for 12 Water Spangles (Salvinia Minima)

To ensure that there is enough light penetration to the ground of the tank, make sure that you regularly cut out the excess leaves.

Salvinia is a fern family plant, and they do not grow flowers.

There is a guarantee of the plants arriving home alive. In case of spoilage, feel free to request a refund or a replacement.

12 Dwarf Water Lettuce

Dwarf Water Lettuce are shipped in a batch of 12 lettuces, and each one of them must have 3-4 leaves.

Great care is required during shipping as these plants have a low survival percentage and this makes it difficult to ship them overseas. However, you should not hesitate to make your order as the suppliers always guarantee a refund or a replacement if they arrive damaged.

An order can be cancelled to minimize spoilage possibility if the temperature in your locality is not in the range of 35-85 degrees Celsius seven days from the arrival day.

Dwarf water lettuce has a brilliant root structure that is of shallow roots.

It is easy to maintain as there is you don’t require to add CO2 or fertilizers.

You need to have a special illumination for aquatic is necessary to ensure that the plants’ survival indoors.


As with any other kind of beatification added to your aquarium, adding the best fit floating plant is very crucial. Therefore, conduct your research adequately and efficiently paying close attention to every characteristic of each one of them. As you mind about that plant that will be appealing to your eyes, think of the health and the happiness of your fish. The floating aquarium plant of my choice is Water Lettuce. It grows large rosettes that are attractive to your eyes, and the root system is friendly to the fish as they can get shelter in it. It is also the easiest to maintain.

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