Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks

Getting the best self-cleaning fish tank is a difficult task since all of them look the same and of the best quality. Therefore, before you go fish tank shopping, you need to read some reviews here and there, jotting down the quality of each and finally make the right selection. I’m sure now you are looking for a better site with reviews of the right fish tank. Well, now you are reading one of the best websites. Different aquariums whether saltwater or freshwater fish tanks come in different sizes, colors, decorations and the so on. I know now you are a little bit nervous but please don’t because we are going to explain them to you after the other. We have perused and examined tremendous experience about fish tanks, and we are sure that this guide will help you pick the best tank according to your needs.

Read further and know which one is your choice.

Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks

1. EcoQubeC Aquarium

Easy and fast to set up as one only adds green onions and water.

Betta fish has Aquaponics Techn that makes it a sanitary self-sustained ecosystem.

The tank comes with a warranty of one year.

This aquarium requires minimal maintenance, and one only need to add fish and plants.

This has solved all the maintenance problems that people were initially going through.,266_.jpg

EcoQubeC Aquarium is made of premium acrylic and not glasses making it children friendly.

It is more than simple to use EcoQubeC as one only needs to feed the fish and then the dirty water is pumped up to the top and filtered via the growing plants to eliminate ammonia and nitrates.

The clear water is then cycled back into the tank when clean. Meaning that the water in the tank remains clean while the plants (green onions) are ever fertilized.

This fish tank can, therefore, be an excellent decoration in living offices and at home.

2. My Fun Fish Tank

One feature that makes this fish tank accessible is because it can clean itself up, implying there is minimal maintenance cost required.

The cleaning machinery operates via a tube situated under the gravel, which leads up and over the side of the tank. When the water is added, the dirty water at the bottom of the tank is pushed up and out of the tank.

My Fun Fish Tank remains crystal clear, and this gives the fish an ecosystem that is healthy, and the owner can still enjoy watching them swim in this home.

With this fish tank at home, one can always figure out how the water world is all about.

It can be a great gift to first-time fish or pet owners, as it is easy to set up and maintains.

This fish tank is sold in any store, and it might be in the store or wholesale shop near you, check it, please.

As Seen on TV 56028 My Fun Fish Tank, 4 3/4 x 6 x 10-Inch

3. Back to the Water Garden

Back to the Water Garden brings the fun of aquatic environment as it has a closed-loop ecosystem.

The fish tank is self-cleaning and has organic herbs and microgreens growing on its top meaning there is no need for water changing practice every week.

Waste from the fish manures the herbs while the plants clean the water as they remove nitrates and ammonia.

Seeds from the organic microgreen plants that can be used as an ingredient for salad toppings manures after roughly ten days.

Image result for Back to the Roots Water Garden

The fish tank is sold or shipped with all its accessories including 3-gallon fish tank, grow stones, decoration pebbles, grow bed, silent water pump, water treatment, organic fertilizer, a coupon for the betta fish, fish food and a guarantee of three months’ supply of microgreens and herb seeds.

I think this is the best for kids as the buyer is given a free downloadable online curriculum detailing the science used to make the aquaponics.

4. BiOrb FLOW Aquarium with LED Light

BiOrb FLOW Aquarium is made of acrylic material, which is ten times stronger, 93 percent clearer and 50% lighter than the glass.

Water in this fish tank undergoes five kind of filtrations, that is, chemical, biological, mechanical, oxygenation and water stabilization.

BiOrb FLOW operates from a transformer with as low voltage as of 12V.

Image result for biOrb FLOW Aquarium with LED Light

One feature that I am sure that you are going to love about this fish tank is that it has an in-built LED light, which is designed to fit the aquarium effortlessly.

Another amazing feature of this tank is that its filtering cartridge is in of a size that will fit all its filters.


The most notable drawback of this fish tank is that its filter cartridge is not fenced or gated and this makes the content move slowly during cleaning.

One must replace the filters after four weeks, and this means extra cost and work.

5. AquaSprouts Garden

AquaSprouts is an ‘all place’ tank which can be used in school for learning, home and office for decoration.

The AquaSprouts fish tank is a self-maintaining aquarium kit as the fish manures the plants and the herbs clean the water for the Bettas.

Set up this tank very simple as it does not require any extra tools and it matches any decorations.

One feature that I like about this aquarium is its compatibility with many veggies, greens, herbs and any other decorative plants.

In school, it can be used to teach our students how the real environment operates as it creates a natural aquatic ecosystem.

Another amazing element of this aquarium is that its drain extenders are adjustable to quiet the flow of water.

Its light bar is removable and one can replace it with any other preferable standard indoor grow light, besides the illumination can be adjusted according to the light necessity of the plant.

Image result for AquaSprouts Garden

6. GravityFlow Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium

GravityFlow Aquarium works very merely that even a child can work on it and expect no mess.

What you do is just pouring in clean water, and the dirty water flows out as you pour the clean one.

The content inside including the stones, plants and other decorations are not removed when cleaning the tank.

NoClean Aquarium is so natural that it does not use electricity and cords making its maintenance cots very little.

This self-cleaning tank relies entirely on the power of gravity. Therefore, the owner does not get their hands wet in the name of the clearing.

Once the clean water is put in the tank, the dirty water is collected with a cup, and this makes easier to treat and recycle it to make organic fertilizer for the plants.

Self-Cleaning GravityFlow Aquarium gives the owner an opportunity to have fun and watch beautiful Betta Fish growing inside his house without any stress

7. Smart Acrylic Aquaponics Aquarium, Goldfish Bowl Self-cleaning Fish Tank

Smart Acrylic Aquaponics Aquarium gives the owner a chance to grow flowers and rare fish in the same container and simultaneously.

Watering od the flowers is not required.

Frequent changing of water is also unnecessary, and one only has to change water after every three months.

This fish tank will seem a LED light at nights.

The tank has a universal USB with a power of 5 Voltage.

I like the science applied to this fish tank. The aquaponics operates to keep the water in the tank clean and ensures that the plants keep growing.

If you want a fish tank where you can grow plants and keep fish, then this is the perfect option and because no much work of changing water regularly is needed anyone can own it.

It does not require too many accessories meaning it does not occupy too much space.

Image result for Smart Acrylic Aquaponics Aquarium,Goldfish Bowl Self-cleaning Fish Tank With Filter And LED Light And With Plants On The Fish Bowl Top

8. Self-Cleaning Plastic Fish Tank Desktop Aquarium Betta Fishbowl for Office Home Décor

This fish tank is made of plastic materials that are safe, durable, portable and they firm enough not to fall.

One feature that I love about this tank is its high transparency to the point that one can have a 360 degrees’ view without necessarily bending it so much.

Self-Cleaning Plastic Fish Tank corners and surfaces are smooth not to hurt the owner or anyone clearing it.

As a self-cleaning tank, one does not have to remove the fish and change water while cleaning.

For maintenance purposes, one has to add a cup of water every day and increase oxygen and clean on a daily basis.

Self-Cleaning Plastic Fish Tan is equipped with LED light, which has a beautiful illumination.

When using it for the first time, you must, first of all, remove the slip that is inside and tighten the lamplight.

Image result for Self Cleaning Plastic Fish Tank Desktop Aquarium Betta Fishbowl for Office Home Decor

I prefer it for the living room, bedroom and office decoration.


Type of Self-Cleaning Fish Tank?

This article discussed more than seven fish tanks that are self-cleaning, and that can suit you if you want a fish tank that is self-cleaning. However, it is good to keep in mind that we are not only looking for a tank that is easy to clean and that which requires very minimal effort to maintain. Generally, self-cleaning fish tanks are categorized into two main groups according to the maintenance mechanism.

One group is that of gravity-based tanks, which uses a pump to pull out dirty water as one adds clean water. However, this type of maintenance system cannot take fish along with dirty water, so one has to keep on adding clean water and place a cup/container by the propel to clasp the dirty water.

The second type is that which uses water garden maintenance mechanism. In this category, aquarium having a small garden floating on the top of the water. Water doesn’t get contaminated by the fish waste, but instead, it is used as a fertilizer to the plants.

Who needs Self-Cleaning Fish Tank?

Anyone can buy one for a living room, office, bedroom or school purposes as they all require less maintenance cost.

Why use a self-cleaning Fish Tank?

There are plenty advantages one gets when using a self-cleaning fish tank aquarium.

The first advantage is that one doesn’t need a lot of effort to maintain it. If you are that type of lazy individual who prefers less work and not ready to overwork to get what they want, these are the right fish tanks for you. One does less and inconsistency set of work to keep the water in the tank clean.

The other advantage you will experience using these tanks is that you save much time which you can use in other constructive activities. All of us, work under tight schedules and get an extra hour to attend to a fish tank may be a headache.

Last but not least, the self-cleaning aquariums are great as they keep the water clean at all times, which means that fish remains healthy and that is the pleasure of every fish owner.

Disadvantages of Self-Cleaning Tank?

Despite the fact that self-cleaning fish tanks are full of advantages, they also have some drawbacks. Maybe the main disadvantage of self-cleaning is that they do not always operate as advertised. Implying that, if you rely on the information that you get from the ads you may be confused.

How can I warn the water?

Question on how to warm water in the self-cleaning fish tank is a widespread issue with all the fish tank owners mostly because all of them requires warm water.

The most unfortunate part of this query is that no one can provide a definite answer.

The best option is to buy a Marina Betta Submersible Heater, and it will help you warm the water. Most of the tank owners mostly those with small aquarium less than 1.5 gallons opt this heater.

For those with the bigger gallons, they can buy two of them, and they will be good to go.

This heater is 8W, and it is simple to use. It emits an equal amount of heat, and therefore its temperature effect depends on the size of the tank.

One knows that the temperature inside the tank is beyond optimum when the lively Bettas start getting quite lacklustre.


The big question you are asking yourself right now I know is, which one is the best self-cleaning fish tank? If you are currently in this business or probably you are looking for a fish tank for your kids, then I suggest you go for EcoQubeC Aquarium. EcoQubeC Aquarium because it is less expensive and easy to set up.

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