Most Exotic Freshwater Fish: The Ideal Ornament For Your Fish Tank Or Pond

Having a pond or an aquarium is something that many people aspire to have and it certainly is great for the soul and offers a relaxing feeling that will keep you calm and relax your thoughts. When it comes to fish, it can make a major difference to the mood and while you could have a common fish, having something exotic will spice up your tank.

We have decided to look a little deeper at the different fish and which exotic freshwater fish are the rarest and ideal to find. You will learn a little more about freshwater fish and how these fish behave, to ensure that your fish tank is not one of the common tanks that you see every day. It can also be a massive boost to your business:

Top 10 Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish are ideal for your pond and while they are more expensive, the personalities of these fish are what set them apart and will spice up your tank or pond. Thanks to a couple of experts, we managed to track down some of the freshwater fish and find out exactly why they are called “exotic fish”.

  1. Discus Fish:

Discus fish

The Discus fish is one of the most elite fish and they are commonly found native to the Amazon. These fish are mostly cared for in elite aquariums and they need a lot of expert care to ensure that they do survive. They have beautiful colors and are mostly found in red, blue, and turquoise colors.

These fish grow quite large in size and they are around 8-10 inches long, it might make them somewhat large for smaller aquariums, but their personalities are more on the side of an extrovert and they might even greet you at times when you have arrived home.

  1. Arowana:


The Arowana is one of the most unique fish and it features a Dinosaur like an appearance. These fish are quite large in size and they can grow up to 48-inches in the wild, while they will be around 30-inches when in captivity. As a predator, this fish also feeds on smaller fish and it is native to the Amazon River as well.

It is important to keep this fish comfortable as they have a tendency to jump out of the water when catching their prey. Should it be startled, you might find yourself picking up the fish from the floor and this could be problematic.

  1. Freshwater Stingrays:

Freshwater Stingrays

The Freshwater Stingrays are some of the most caring and unique fish you could find. They are quiet and reserved and they will love to have a couple of hiding spots when in your tanks. In terms of size, they do grow rather large and can be up to 1-meter in length when fully grown. They can also be around 3-feet wide and you might need a larger tank.

If these fish are kept with other fish, you should try to keep them with some non-aggressive fish as they might be stressed out and this could be harmful to the fish. They are also found more commonly in the Amazon basin.

  1. Datnoid:


The Datnoid is much more of a scared or hiding fish than it is a fish that will come out. It is mostly found in the waters of Thailand and is also called tigerfish due to the stripes on the fish. They require a tank that is quite large and can grow a little over 2-feet once they are fully grown.

It is best to keep these fish with other docile fish and while they are predators, they are not aggressive in any way. Frozen foods will make a great idea for a meal if you need to feed them when they are in the tank.

  1. Axolotl:


Also known as the Mexican Salamander, the Axolotl is one of the rarest and most exotic fish you could find. These fish are extremely sensitive and they love feeding on smaller fish, which is why it is important to have them share the tank with larger mates. The fish is beautiful in color and it is native to Mexico City.

If you plan to have one of these fish in your tank, it is important to have the right water conditions. Frequent water changes are necessary and you might need to invest in something to test the water. Having one of these fish will require you to have a tank of at least 11-gallons.

  1. Green Spotted Puffer Fish:

Green Spotted Puffer Fish

Native to Southeast Asia, the Green Spotted Puffer Fish is an exuberant fish with a great personality. The fish have a massive lifespan of sometimes over 10-years, but with a lot of specific needs and demands, you will need an experienced aquarist to take care of them. The fish are generally kept in tanks of around 55-gallons or more.

While they are extremely aggressive, these fish only grow to about 6-inches in length. The fish are known for their great personalities and they have no problem coming to the surface to let you know they need food.

  1. Flowerhorn Hybrid:

Flowerhorn Hybrid

The Flowerhorn Hybrids are some of the most beautiful fish you could find and they look great as well. These fish are common for hobbyists, but they might not be the best option for your aquarium. They can grow up to 16-inches in size and since they are extremely aggressive, they prefer to have the tank all to themselves.

With a lifespan of around 5-8 years, these fish will prefer a diet of pellets and flakes. However, frozen foods will also be a great tread for them to initiate the hunting instinct. They are mostly native to Malaysia.

  1. Electric Blue Lobster:

Electric Blue Lobster

The Electric Blue Lobster is no so much a lobster as it is a Crayfish. While most found in Florida, these fish a have blue color and they will attract a lot of attention from people in your tank. They grow around 5-7 inches in size and they have a temperament as well. These fish are opportunistic omnivores and they have no problem feeding on smaller fish.

A 20-gallon tank is the minimum size required for these fish and while they do take a lot of care to keep well, they can have a lifespan of around 5-years when cared for correctly and under the right water conditions.

  1. Malawi Cichlid:

Malawi Cichlid

These fish are mostly found in Lake Malawi and they are a popular choice due to the colors and the exuberant behavior. They grow to be around 12-inches in size and they undergo dramatic changes when in the tank. To help them keep their memorizing colors, you will need to ensure that they are in a similar environment to the habitat.

It is recommended to place them in larger groups as they are extremely territorial and without the right amount of numbers, you might have a couple of territorial disputes that will not end well.

  1. Oscar:

Oscar Fish

The Oscar is another part of the Cichlid family and they are native to South America. These fish grow up to 12-inches in length and it is recommended that you have a 55+-gallon tank to ensure they have enough room and space to move in. They are found in various colors and they are quite aggressive, you might also find them moving plants.

Which One Will You Choose For Your Tank?

Having an exotic fish for your tank is definitely a great investment that will turn the heads of your guests and friends. It can keep the children busy, while also providing a calm and soothing feeling for your sole. We would like to thank you for reading this article and let us know which one you would choose.

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